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9 December 2020

UK comeback for onshore wind

A decision by the UK Government has led to a dramatic reduction in new onshore wind power projects. With the reversal of that decision in March 2020, many are predicting a new boom for UK onshore wind with reports suggest there are at least 86 projects in the pipeline. Szen Ong looks at the latest developments and considers some of the risk and insurance challenges. Download the article to find out more…


Learners become players

Gamification enables simulations based on learning outcomes to become the building blocks of a video game. Here, the student interacts with the learning material as a player, with the game providing continuous feedback as its complexity and difficulty increase. Add in reflection sessions and seamless AIpowered feedback, and educational games can bring out the best in remote or classroom learning. Better still, they can be played anywhere, at anytime and from any device.