Chartered technical loss adjusters


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Construction sites are prone to a host of different hazards which can lead to material damage, injury and business interruption. Hot works such as welding have the potential to cause fire, while water damage from burst pipes and other sources of flooding can result in widespread harm to structures and equipment. The health and safety of staff is also a serious concern for construction companies, with a high risk of injury from trips, slips, falling material, machinery and other on-site activities.

Integra has an established reputation for settling loss adjusting claims in the construction sector, with wide experience across all aspects of the industry. We consider claims from both technical and contractual viewpoints to bring together all stakeholders and find an equitable resolution that works for insurers, brokers and insured parties. Our adjusters give insured organisations a precise scope of works, the advice and guidance they need to return quickly to ‘business as usual’ and solutions to ensure they never pay more than can be recovered.

Claims experience

  • CAR loss at Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant in Morocco
  • Accidental pumping of grout into newly installed stormwater pipes within a new road and bridge junction
  • Water damage to lift under construction, Contract Works & DSU – Adelaide, South Australia
  • Water damage to foundations – 45,000 m², mill and warehouse – Waikato, NZ
  • Kellyville Australia –claims for failures of viaducts and potential DSU